Black Man… Rise And Walk In The Spirit!


Black Man... Rise And Walk In The Spirit!

Such a wonderful show today on getting our young blacks males involved in society instead of being involved in the judicial system. Too many black teens are trying to “get rich or try dying” so to speak by becoming a overnight rapper or an athlete. No longer is college an option for them because the life of a college graduate isn’t as glamorous as being a brand. Today on the Holy Spiritz blog talk radio show we simply laid out our efforts to continue to encourage and uplift these lost boys who desperately have been told and sold a lie. It is through the spirit we can achieve everything God places before us and no man, no agent no P.R. firm can promote you like God can. We hope you like the show and began to serve our youths in any way you can. Peace.


Run Your Race and Soar Like an Eagel


Run Your Race and Soar Like an Eagel

Today was a disappointing day for me, yet through meditation and prayer I was able to turn that negative into a positive. I gave my mind no time to vent because I’m on an assignment. There are so many times in life we will get frustrated and surely discourage about so many obstacles, so many loved ones letting us down and even circumstances beyond our control will have its season to prey upon our lives. But still we must run our race (Hebrews 12:1-2) that is set before us never looking back on yesterdays pain. We must strip down of everything that holds us down and weigh us down. All things from bad relationships, bad attitudes, all types of sins we must remove any negative thing in our lives to began this walk of faith. It is Christ who we set our eyes upon and nothing else. No distractions no social media, no reality tv, no night clubs, no perverted music, no sexually explicit anything! This race will be long and we will have to endure for a while, yet like all things it has it’s appointed time. We will walk with no shame, no guilt of any no matter how the world, friends, family make mock us and laugh at us, still we press toward the mark. We will use the lessons of Christ who was chastise, criticized, placed a thorn on his head and still He finished the race. As the author and the finisher it is declared that we have the victory, now all we have to do is take the first step into eternity that’s placed in the heavens of the earth. It is ours for the taken my beloveds….So run your race with strength, might and courage because sure as the sun sets and rises you already have the victory……




Today I was so impressed with learning a few things about my life and where it’s heading. I was born the son of a deacon minister in a baptist church and my faith was shaped around whatever my mother and father taught me. It wasn’t a bad thing neither was it wrong for raising me in a God fearing environment. I thank my mother and father for giving me the one thing that could keep me moving into a deeper spiritual enlightenment. I have witnessed so many levels of spiritual growth as well as been involve and connected to many denominations. I thank God for revelations and the gift of free will, to make choices based on our experience. For many people they feel that their knowledge is of spirituality and spiritual awakening trumps any religion. I beg to differ, not supporting religion but to say that everyone must find that thing inside of them that can bring light to the universe and to one self. I love all religion as well as all revelations of the spirit and science and of the various people or beings who walked this earth long before we did. Yet it is this continued search for self-love and power to subdue this world and began to be as one with the universe. Not one thing has the answer, but it is of many that we can began to chime in and become one. I am In-tuned with loving myself and spreading that love to the universe no matter what or who tries to deny me the opportunity to release the energy that God has placed inside of me. I am in-tuned because I no longer care what people say or feel about me even though I will continue to love my enemies and my adversaries. I am in-tuned because no longer am I a slave to the capitalistic game of the governments and the unseen to keep people of this great universe dependent upon systems and not their own spiritual consciousness to create from within. We are healers, motivators, creators of all things. I am in-tuned because now I can feel free to go to a synagog or a church or a buddhist temple and even a mask and not feel as if I am betraying a God that created it all even though some of it is man driven but God- centered. We are in-tuned because no longer are we bound by any of the mess and the foolishness that the universe continues to throw at us through social media, reality tv, and made up arena games that are fixed before the seasons begin. I am in-tune because I’m drawing the suns power in me to illuminate into an invisible being that can fly through the earth and be in one nation in a matter of seconds. I am in-tune because….. I AM ME.

” IN THE WILDERNESS” (chicago’s black on black crime in honor of Trayvon Martin)


In the wake of the George Zimmerman being found Not Guilty of the murder of then 17 year old Trayvon Martin, there have dozens of people to come on and give their opinion about the verdict. Well for this blog that’s not our intention. He was found not guilty so we must move forward and remember our little brother in Trayvon. To be quite honest I’m not happy with the verdict yet I watched the trial closely and felt the Prosecutors failed Trayvon on that day and not Mr. Zimmerman. So where do we go from here? So many people chimed in on the enormous amounts of murders taking place in major cities across the country and particularly the city of Chicago. There have been so many murders in that city in the past decades till reporters have grown weary of reporting the stories; why because most of America, and I mean all races don’t seem to care because it’s not their state, town or city. I have done a story of chicago’s crime and murder’s on my blog talk radio show, where even living in Atlanta, it touched my heart that so many African Americans and most who are innocent babies and pre-teens are being murdered in the streets by rival gangs over nothing! These gang members are as young as 8-9 years of age and have no clue to what their in a gang for? The truth is as one youth stated “you’re either the predator or the prey”. This is the city where our first African American President Of The United States calls home people and still nothing is being done about the 400 plus murders per year. It is systematic that these murders have been going on for over several decades and what I mean by that is that the high unemployment rate for African American has been over double digits really since the Emancipation, yet no one wants to speak of it and not even the President. It’s an insult to the American people who fought for the rights in this country and who died for this country in order to be free citizens and I believe the President now in his second term should speak freely of the injustice of people of color in these United States. But let’s get back to the main focus and that is the black on black crime that’s dominated the city of Chicago. Almost every year Chicago is the murder capitol in the U.S. with over 400 plus murders per year. Some even happening 4, in one night or weekend. On any night in Chicago, or day rather, there can be a shooting of at least 5-10 people all in one day in a 4 block radius and in a 4-6 hour span. And yet the Mayor, the governor, the police, the special task force and even the President don’t know how to control a bunch of unruly teens and young adults yet they can travel 1500 plus miles and over throw governments and rulers in one swoop……. Who are they kidding! These murders are intentional, they are allowed and approved by the United States Government I assure you. So the remainder of this blog is directed to the leaders in neighboring communities on how you can wipe out these senseless killings in the next decade and it comes straight out of the Bible. For those teens who are living and believing in this genocide; well you may not be able to save them because once they are introduced to money and guns it will be a challenge to get most of them to put down their arms and began a new walk that may require a lack of resources for a season, they just won’t go for that from where they are now. Yet just like Moses in the Bible and in the wilderness they walked in circles for 40 years and never got to the promise land because they were use to the old ways, the old traditions of eating melons, swine and waste that their masters gave them for nourishments that they knew of nothing else. These young men and women in the urban cities have to a certain degree been brain washed in thinking all they can get out of life is from the barrel of a gun and through taking it from the weak. They have accepted and adopted the beastly mentality that killing another person is just someone in their path of temporary satisfaction. so these children/gangs will die in the wilderness as hard as that may seem they have written their own death sentence by the will to walk with the beast. For the young children coming up, now we can re-direct their path of righteousness by feeding them the spirit in which they are from. I’m not just talking about going to church because we know by now church is not the answer for all of God’s people to reach eternal bliss. Yet what I truly believe is that in these communities there must be a ┬áconstant teaching of ‘I Am”… that’s these innocent babies know fully who they are, why they were created and to whom they belong too. Yet what that means is to erase the universal educational system that we have and replace it with a new one…. Well the United States refuses to overhaul the educational system and for them that’s cool; but for our children then we must began to teach self-empowerment on our own through black,brown, white and asian doctors,scientist and teachers. We must give them complete love and our undivided attention when it comes to the nurturing of our young babies people. Yes we will lose millions in the wilderness, yet we will began to break the cycle of the constant self-hatred of one another in thinking that guns and violence is the way to solve our issues…. The Devil Is A Liar! We don’t need the President or the government to use violence in major cities as a platform for their campaigns because truth is they really and truly don’t give a shit. But what we can do is began to love these children as God so loves us and train them in the ways of godly men and women to subdue the earth and to have complete dominion over it. This is my pledge and my personal thoughts.,……Peace, G

Lord You’ve Been Good ( the rebirth)


Lord You've Been Good ( the rebirth)

When I saw this photo of the Amazon I could only think of how awesome God designed this earth full of wonders and beauty that’s stretches from sea to sea. Nothing is more greater than the Awesomeness of The Creator and the universe. We who have the honor and privilege to experience life should embrace it will the joy and happiness and excitement in the eyes of a child for the first time going to an amusement park. can you imagine at 3,4, 5 years of age how that park may look, how the sounds of the ferris wheel or merry go sounds to them. What about the foods, the taste of candy apples, popcorn cotton candy melting in your mouths for the very first time. All the colors, all the rides all the excitement all at your fingertips….. Well that’s how God intended for us to experience each and every single day of our “awakening” and existence; I’m going to come back to that word awakening in a moment. There should be joy in our hearts everyday we wake up full of excitement and expectations, because as a child we don’t have any fears about our job, no worries about will I have enough funds this pay period to pay the mortgage. We are excited to BE ALIVE! But we’re not…. we are dead men/women walking; no longer do we have the innocence of a child, it has been replaced with the unequally actions of man in the world. Man has maliciously devoured any sense of innocence in every living thing; even the animals living in the forest, wood, or Amazons have fallen mercy to a demonized culture of greed, power and control. No one is safe from this wrath and it seems it’s about to get worse. Yet when I began to look closely at this beautiful photo, I’m remembered of the spiritual living being that once was on this earth. It was like a river running and flowing beautifully along the shores, seas, lakes and the Amazon. I began to meditate of a new earth, and new beginnings of sort that is on the brink of rebirthing this earth. It is like water falls beautiful in the distance yet powerful enough to move any negative object in it’s path into the still waters. Yes God you’ve been so good in everything you have done thus far on this earth, and a few fleshyly men could never undo the greatness that you have done. I am alive and no longer dead to a system of slavery. No man can claim an earth that he came into and did not create, it is merely self destruction that awaits such foolish notions. We give honor to God for the goodness and the greatness of our existence and our “spiritual awakening”. Return again to the child in you that has complete love, joy, peace, assurance, happiness and an open mind and heart to embrace all that the earth has to offer. When we can do this than all negative energy, all ungodly acts of man shall no longer exist. Because love will devour hate in one quick swoop. Won’t you join me in the laughter, the clapping of the hands, the stomping of the feet, the shouting of our tongues and tell God right here and right now. “Lord You’ve Been So Good!

If God Created It (humans) Then Why Must We Waste Our Energy Hating It


If God Created It (humans) Then Why Must We Waste Our Energy Hating It

When this earth was created it is said that “EVERYTHING IN IT WAS GOOD”….. So what that means is every plant, seed, fruits, insect, repttile every fowl, fish, animal and everything that has breathe was placed here in the ordinance of our Creator. That anything here on planet earth has a right for existing to live, walk, eat, travel and seek anything that our hearts desires. Wow! so powerful and so awesome is our Creator in giving us all “The Same Privileges” to be a spiritual living being in such a blissful earth full of infinite possibilities. No one or nothing controlling our spiritual walk not our spiritual minds to love our selves and love the things placed inside of us and in this earth; why because we were made from all things created in this earth. I am the wind, I am the rain, I am the dirt, I am the leaves from the trees. I have a universal language with every living creature in the entire world and we are in-tuned with each others existence and purpose on this earth. Yet as we all know there was a fall of some sort in which now I no longer am in-tuned with the things that God has instructed for me and intended for me to be in-tuned with. Sounds confusing, but really it is quite simple. By some untimely and unfortunate circumstances, the humans that God once placed in the earth who were once so transparent, so science oriented, so spiritually connected to ALL things in the earth soon began to pull away from their base, their hub if you will their source of ALL Knowings and began to decrease in knowledge, power, love, peace, wisdom and began to have things happening in their minds first that were not of the Creator/of God. These subhumans now have deceitful minds, evil hearts, demonic spirits and decaying flesh eating and destroying them daily. They are dead to all things and to all things they have no answers nor truths in their hearts. Yet they love this position of being “dead men walking” because it is this walking of the dead that finally they can control a universe of once spiritual minded and gifted people. But wait! There is some great news…. the walking dead people are beginning to wake up! They have had memories of those blissful times when they were in-tuned with the universe and were like god in themselves. They now know, understands and see’s the tricks of the walking dead society (the wealthy people) who for thousands of years have ruled their minds, bodies and spirits; yet the days of rule will so no longer exist and then man/woman will be dead in the flesh as they are called and will resume back to their transparency of being “The Awe” factor… Soon and very soon my beloveds these evil and demonic days of self destruction will soon be over. It is long overdue that we began to love, respect, care for, help, serve and share this earth with our brothers and sisters who were placed here for God’s purpose and not mans prison system, (divide and conquer and they win). We owe no man anything because man did not create a damn thing! Men honor money because they have no spiritual power, therefore they convince the world that their money is their power. Well the joke will soon be on them when soon and very soon man will have to use spiritual powers to survive all the calamities heading to this earth. No bunker, no army, no military, no barracades will and can protect you from the ending of your dynasty. “The things are not of this earth shall soon be removed from this earth”(my words), and for any person who believes in this system because it benefits you and your family, well soon this earth will devour you too like a sink whole swallowing and sucking every filthy,nasty, demonic thing that you represent. No need to talk about what exactly because if your not of the spirit than you are of the flesh and this letter will not make any sense to the dead. WE SHALL AGAIN BE ONENESS!

Peace, Love, Equality and Unity


Peace, Love, Equality and Unity

One of the reasons that I admire Former South African President Nelson Mandela is that he has always seen this world as of possibilities. Although he had been through so much atrocity from white south Africana’s his powerful spirit of peace, love equality and unity remained in tact. Nothing or no one could ever break the man nor destroy what he truly believed in. It seems in the U.S. we still have a racial problem that just won’t seem to go away. If you wonder why, then at least you are dialoging in some fashion about where the source of the issue lies. You see many people, white people that is really are uncomfortable with talking about racism because of the things that their ancestors did during slavery for over 400 years. It was horrific and barbaric to say the least but nevertheless it was done to a group of people who never ask to come here in the first place. But if there is no dialog then there will be many more cases such as the Trayvon Martin case that for a short season divides a nation all because of a persons race. We can learn a thing or too about Nelson Mandela because he confronted the people who placed him in prison for over 27 years. But he didn’t wait for an apology because he was busy doing God’s work. People who remain busy will be God’s busiest workers and the people who wait for something that may never come due to ignorance and pride will waste precious years wanting something that God has already given to each of us freely…. That is Love; we can love our enemies as much as we love ourselves because the love we spread to them will be a reflection of their past and of who they are and who they belong too at the present time. If we can’t ask for forgiveness as spiritual beings then we will continue to be mind controlled by the negative forces of this universe and that’s the truth of the matter my beloveds. Hate, resentment, anger, denial, pride, un-forgiveness has no place in God’s house therefore your mind, body and spirit is employed by the prince of darkness. I am so honored to have the spirit of a Legend such as Nelson Mandela who kept his hand on the plough and never looked back! Because he was too busy doing God’s assignments for the people of this nation. Together we will overcome racism in this nation as well as any other prejudice people may have against anyone who may not fit into what society labels normal. we are all made marvelous and magnificent in God’s eyes and shame on any man or women who seeks to make a person as they are in their own mind and spirit. Thank You Nelson Mandela for teaching me how to have peace, love equality for all men with unity in the spirit of God.