Living A Healthier and More Spiritual Life

Living A Healthier and More Spiritual Life

I Want to know how many people feel that they are pretty healthy so to speak when it comes to their food and drink consumptions? For me I thought like most people “yeah I’m pretty healthy and I kinda watch what I eat at times but I’m not a junk food junkie like most people. Well my journey begins from childhood then on to adulthood. I ate pretty good growing up without too much sweets in my diet. Yet as times go on and life changes so does our eating habits. I mean you have college for some or working a 9 to 5 that keeps you stress out half the time anyway. It amazes me how we eat more as we stress more and what we eat more of is something easily accessible and quick. You got it….fast foods. For me I ate fast foods from burger joints to chicken joints sometimes 3,4,5 times a day yet 7 days a week. With plenty of fried foods and processed meats and enjoyed washing it all day with a high calorie surgery beverages such as soda, coffee or ice tea. This went on for nearly 15 years until my body by the age of 43 said “hell no”! Then I not only began to gain nearly 40 lbs. going from 185 to a whopping 235 in about 18 months where I could barely get out of a chair! I had serious sinus issues, joint pains from my head to toe as well as breathing issues along with a irregular heart beat that sent chills down my spine yet not enough to curve my bad eating habits. I felt miserable all the time and it showed. Unhappy and unhealthy is a match made in heaven. It was only until I met a wonderful friend who cared enough about me to start taking fast foods and sugar beverages away from me even when I had just purchased them! Man she was a pain yet what she did people was truly marvelous.,,She saved my life. It was when she started sharing her gift of healthy eating and new life with me that I finally conceded to at least give it a try. Well nearly 3 years later and 30 pounds lighter I can tell you that eating right and taking my nutritional capsules of Juice Plus have given me a second chance on enjoying the life that God so freely gave me. Juice Plus has been a life saver to say the least because although we cannot always eat 9-17 servings of fruits and vegetables per day what we have in the Juice Plus in 25 fruits and vegetables in a capsule that you take and have the recommended dosage of fruits and vegetables at your fingertips. No more joint aches, no more sinus issues because my immune system is being fed daily with the all natural nutrients that in needs. I’m not talking those supplements that every dollar store or corner store or supermarket carry but all natural and all scientific approve by over 50 plus doctors and institutions. Every where I go every chance I get I will give my testimony on not only how my good friend saved my life but how Juice Plus gave me a new life that continues to elevate my mind, body and spirits into a new dimension…”This is My Story”.


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