The Defense Is He’s Lying!

The Defense Is He's Lying!

Usually I wouldn’t go there on this case or issue. first and foremost I know it’s not racially driven by any means so people of my descent please don’t began the issue of race on this trial…..The honest and goodness truth is George Zimmerman got his A#! kicked even when he tried to punk Trayvon Martin by asking him “what are you doing here”?…way day do dat at? (street slang). God only knows why he won’t admit he just got beat down and was angry when Trayvon stopped whailing on him and he just shot him in anger….not race but an old fashion beat down even though homeboy, (George Zimmerman) was studying MMA for several weeks. It seemed he needed to get more training as well as a refund for getting beat by a young teen who was certainly in fear of (his life) and fought like it people… Shame on you George Zimmerman for pretending to be a watch dog and was simply on “bully patrol”. You spotted a would be robber @ 6:40pm in the evening and in the rain who was looking to rob a town home?
And yet God will see you sooner than later for your evil doings.. Listen to the true facts about the Zimmerman trial on blog talk radio /holyspiritz.


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