Why Are So Many NFL Players Heading To Prison

Why Are Sop Many NFL Players Heading To Prison

There have been 29 arrest of NFL players in the past 6 months and counting. What is the real issues of the constant arrest dealing with either domestic abuse and even murder? It has gotten out of control and it seems like there is no ending… Even with all the preliminary classes of what not to do and where not to go NFL players are still finding themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing with the wrong people… Listen just because you grew up in the hood doesn’t mean you have to go back to the hood for entertainment…. Sure you got to go back and certainly give back to pay it forward yet these cats (NFL PLAYA’S) are going about it the wrong way! We will discuss these issues and others on Tuesdays’s blog talk radio show at 10:30am. We hope you can tune in and chime in on this seemed to be epidemic! If their not listening to the league, their families or even their mothers; then tell me, is there any hope for these players? http://www.blogtalkradio.com/holyspiritz


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