Is Our Religious Beliefs A Reflection Of God…..Or Man

Is Our Religious Beliefs A Reflection Of God.....Or Man

This one should get many (POG) people of God to view where they are in line with “The Kingdom”. It amazes me that so many religions have different terminologies as well as different beliefs and or rituals concerning their worship and prayer. There are so much even scholars don’t understand about God’s Sovereignty. On any day of the week people of faith will march into to Synagogues, Temples, Churches, Mask Cathedrals and what have you to pay honor to our God…..The key words is “OUR GOD”; you might even say ONE GOD because as far as we know there is only one earth; not world but one earth and God placed us in it together. I love all religions and traditions and it is truly a marvelous thing to be able to practice your faith. But some beliefs can get you injured or even killed for believing in something that someone else does not believe in. You see that’s why God NEVER GAVE US RELIGION of any kind and yet strong beliefs in how to worship God did. That’s ok…really because God doesn’t judge us by our religious affilliations, that’s a “man’s thing”. We where made from the earth; dust to dust and from the Power,, the energy from God; he man”spiritual beings” all connected in one way or another to each other. We have work to do while experiencing this time here on earth and wasting God’s time on Socialism, Communism, Capitalism,Sexism and jocking for who’s religion is better is all designed to divide and conquer. It is deceitful, misleading, misguiding, deceptive, demonic, devilish and destructive and every level. Be the spiritual beings you where first created to be. You are an unlimited source of energy illuminating the earth one day at a time. Love religion but know the spirit and the wisdom and the workings of The Creator. God is not petty or small as the world is; god is infinite and we are made like God an infinite spiritual being. Lose the religious carnality and began walking in spirituality and then you will be able to fly like the eagles!


One thought on “Is Our Religious Beliefs A Reflection Of God…..Or Man

  1. Religon was started to keep the masses in-order and give society some sort of rules to live by.
    Religon has caused to many wars and cause brother to fight brother. I was started life as RC but I have faith but in the religon of the main stream kind. The fact is mankind are killing the world and are responsible for all the ill of the planet a long will the human factor of greed. that seed which in all of mankind.

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