WantTo Be A Guest On The Holy Spiritz Blog Talk Radio Show?

WantTo Be A Guest On The Holy Spiritz Blog Talk Radio Show?


I am the host of Blog Talk Radio Show called “The Holy Spiritz” blog talk radio show. This show was formulated only 4 weeks ago when the holy spirit gave me the vision to start this show as well as an internet television show by the same name. The goal of this show is to be a voice for the people of this world that speaks more on a spiritual realm than on the usual gossip or negative energy of commenting on things or issues and never getting anything done. We have so much distractions already in the universe and I won’t dare try to mentioned them all. The word “entertainment” should be one every spiritual being look up and judge for themselves if this is what is happening to America; while we’re watching the latest reality shows, playing our favorite video games or catching up on the latest Jay-Z< Beyonce' news line what is really happening with this economy, with your kids, your family, your job, your food supply, your banking….. We bridge the gap where most of the world believes we are to busy or distracted to even care about. If you are truly a people of God and want to empower, inspire, encourage, motivate, activate, and illuminate into the spiritual beings that you were created to be join us live weekdays Monday through Friday at 10:30am, or anytime to listen to pre-recorded shows to here what God- the Holy Spirit is speaking to the people of the Universe. This is not a marketing strategy but an invitation to began to be "Doers" and no longer talkers. The world says we are fearful of losing "things", "possessions" if we began to speak out… My question to all of you who read this is what are you willing to lose if you don't represent the body that GOD first called and has assembled us to BE; AS ONE… I've decided to listen to my spirit and began to uplift and move into my purpose. Will you join me on this faithful journey of revelation and transformation and new dimension……

Yours truly, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/holyspiritz


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