Does Believing In Christ Means I’m No Longer Spiritual?

Does Believing In Christ Means I'm No Longer Spiritual?

Often when I’m working or just running errands I think constantly of the world that we live in. There are so many people of different races,age,gender, ethnicity, and so on. The world seems to filled with endless people with endless possibilities. Yet we all have the same tendencies, for example no matter where you live on this planet you have to eat to live. That’s universal no matter what your beliefs are we are creatures of survival. From the time your born your taught different ways of coping with society, whether it be getting up to make your bed, learning how to brush your teeth or how one addresses another human being. Yet when we turn to religion or faith, this is somewhat of a different matter. I mean it seems like most people have their version of how the earth was created and who really created it. It’s a daunting task of trying to trace back thousands upon thousands of years and be accurate right? My honest opinion is that everybody who’s a part of the body has the answer one way or another and we should learn how to fit the pieces in together so we can find the truths of our creation….. but wait; a lot of people and I mean a lot of people denounces the Bible as well as any form of literature that gives instructional lessons on how one should honor the Creator of the universe. Many have said that Jesus never existed and he was only a prophet and some say just a myth. So who is right and how do we know they know the truth of the creation? We know to some degree what race of people may have been here first and how they lived and function while in the universe. This is good to understand the origins of our beginnings, that we were a spiritual being at one time or another and we still are because we are made from the earth. But the spiritual people who walked the earth thousands of years ago didn’t have nor did they need much instructions on how to function here on earth because “they were in-tuned” with God and were like gods. I mean they walked with God some did and lived a life eating- drinking the right things, meditating, conquering science,& Christ Consciousness with love, peace, great knowledge and unifications among their people. They had at that time no need to be saved from a life of sin, evil, corruption,hate, racism, sexism, capitalism, socialism or any ISM’s for that matter. Which leads me to the one word that life was created……L.O.V.E., You see it’s one thing to not understand a persons beliefs or his reasons for believing, yet it’s another to denounce a person for where he/she is in their spiritual quest for higher dimension and spiritual revelation. As children of God we should never stop seeking the truths of who we are and our purpose while here on this earth. Shame on any religion that puts their god inside of a box and thinks God is all about sunday services, great choirs, church revivals and oh yes… pastor’s anniversaries. God is not that shallow and could never focus on routine/religion over righteousness God just wouldn’t do it my beloveds. But what God also would not do is tear someone down for receiving Christ in their lives rather than someone else intellect that’s being played on Youtube or Face Book. No one is wrong for worshipping the same God yet in different ways… There truly is no wrong answer even if you are a Christian, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, and etc. We are pieces of the final puzzle and every group or organization is trying to claim that THEIR piece completes the puzzle! God has been waiting for every spiritual human being that has breathe to Bring the pieces to the alter and then we/ God began to put them all in one form. Beautiful as it is to have faith in whatever you believe in, but its even more wonderful to receive everything and everyone God has placed in the universe. The issue is “Beings” not humans but “Beings” who “Live” to create, produce, and cater. that’s that gist of why we are here. and until we lose our religion and forget about all of our wonderful intellect we will never reach infinite bliss. where we as elements of this universe can began to believe in ourselves as One Powerful Spirit that for one shining moment came together on one accord to create a ‘Living Being” by simply…. b.l.i.e.v.i.n.g


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