Peace, Love, Equality and Unity

Peace, Love, Equality and Unity

One of the reasons that I admire Former South African President Nelson Mandela is that he has always seen this world as of possibilities. Although he had been through so much atrocity from white south Africana’s his powerful spirit of peace, love equality and unity remained in tact. Nothing or no one could ever break the man nor destroy what he truly believed in. It seems in the U.S. we still have a racial problem that just won’t seem to go away. If you wonder why, then at least you are dialoging in some fashion about where the source of the issue lies. You see many people, white people that is really are uncomfortable with talking about racism because of the things that their ancestors did during slavery for over 400 years. It was horrific and barbaric to say the least but nevertheless it was done to a group of people who never ask to come here in the first place. But if there is no dialog then there will be many more cases such as the Trayvon Martin case that for a short season divides a nation all because of a persons race. We can learn a thing or too about Nelson Mandela because he confronted the people who placed him in prison for over 27 years. But he didn’t wait for an apology because he was busy doing God’s work. People who remain busy will be God’s busiest workers and the people who wait for something that may never come due to ignorance and pride will waste precious years wanting something that God has already given to each of us freely…. That is Love; we can love our enemies as much as we love ourselves because the love we spread to them will be a reflection of their past and of who they are and who they belong too at the present time. If we can’t ask for forgiveness as spiritual beings then we will continue to be mind controlled by the negative forces of this universe and that’s the truth of the matter my beloveds. Hate, resentment, anger, denial, pride, un-forgiveness has no place in God’s house therefore your mind, body and spirit is employed by the prince of darkness. I am so honored to have the spirit of a Legend such as Nelson Mandela who kept his hand on the plough and never looked back! Because he was too busy doing God’s assignments for the people of this nation. Together we will overcome racism in this nation as well as any other prejudice people may have against anyone who may not fit into what society labels normal. we are all made marvelous and magnificent in God’s eyes and shame on any man or women who seeks to make a person as they are in their own mind and spirit. Thank You Nelson Mandela for teaching me how to have peace, love equality for all men with unity in the spirit of God.


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