If God Created It (humans) Then Why Must We Waste Our Energy Hating It

If God Created It (humans) Then Why Must We Waste Our Energy Hating It

When this earth was created it is said that “EVERYTHING IN IT WAS GOOD”….. So what that means is every plant, seed, fruits, insect, repttile every fowl, fish, animal and everything that has breathe was placed here in the ordinance of our Creator. That anything here on planet earth has a right for existing to live, walk, eat, travel and seek anything that our hearts desires. Wow! so powerful and so awesome is our Creator in giving us all “The Same Privileges” to be a spiritual living being in such a blissful earth full of infinite possibilities. No one or nothing controlling our spiritual walk not our spiritual minds to love our selves and love the things placed inside of us and in this earth; why because we were made from all things created in this earth. I am the wind, I am the rain, I am the dirt, I am the leaves from the trees. I have a universal language with every living creature in the entire world and we are in-tuned with each others existence and purpose on this earth. Yet as we all know there was a fall of some sort in which now I no longer am in-tuned with the things that God has instructed for me and intended for me to be in-tuned with. Sounds confusing, but really it is quite simple. By some untimely and unfortunate circumstances, the humans that God once placed in the earth who were once so transparent, so science oriented, so spiritually connected to ALL things in the earth soon began to pull away from their base, their hub if you will their source of ALL Knowings and began to decrease in knowledge, power, love, peace, wisdom and began to have things happening in their minds first that were not of the Creator/of God. These subhumans now have deceitful minds, evil hearts, demonic spirits and decaying flesh eating and destroying them daily. They are dead to all things and to all things they have no answers nor truths in their hearts. Yet they love this position of being “dead men walking” because it is this walking of the dead that finally they can control a universe of once spiritual minded and gifted people. But wait! There is some great news…. the walking dead people are beginning to wake up! They have had memories of those blissful times when they were in-tuned with the universe and were like god in themselves. They now know, understands and see’s the tricks of the walking dead society (the wealthy people) who for thousands of years have ruled their minds, bodies and spirits; yet the days of rule will so no longer exist and then man/woman will be dead in the flesh as they are called and will resume back to their transparency of being “The Awe” factor… Soon and very soon my beloveds these evil and demonic days of self destruction will soon be over. It is long overdue that we began to love, respect, care for, help, serve and share this earth with our brothers and sisters who were placed here for God’s purpose and not mans prison system, (divide and conquer and they win). We owe no man anything because man did not create a damn thing! Men honor money because they have no spiritual power, therefore they convince the world that their money is their power. Well the joke will soon be on them when soon and very soon man will have to use spiritual powers to survive all the calamities heading to this earth. No bunker, no army, no military, no barracades will and can protect you from the ending of your dynasty. “The things are not of this earth shall soon be removed from this earth”(my words), and for any person who believes in this system because it benefits you and your family, well soon this earth will devour you too like a sink whole swallowing and sucking every filthy,nasty, demonic thing that you represent. No need to talk about what exactly because if your not of the spirit than you are of the flesh and this letter will not make any sense to the dead. WE SHALL AGAIN BE ONENESS!


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