Lord You’ve Been Good ( the rebirth)

Lord You've Been Good ( the rebirth)

When I saw this photo of the Amazon I could only think of how awesome God designed this earth full of wonders and beauty that’s stretches from sea to sea. Nothing is more greater than the Awesomeness of The Creator and the universe. We who have the honor and privilege to experience life should embrace it will the joy and happiness and excitement in the eyes of a child for the first time going to an amusement park. can you imagine at 3,4, 5 years of age how that park may look, how the sounds of the ferris wheel or merry go sounds to them. What about the foods, the taste of candy apples, popcorn cotton candy melting in your mouths for the very first time. All the colors, all the rides all the excitement all at your fingertips….. Well that’s how God intended for us to experience each and every single day of our “awakening” and existence; I’m going to come back to that word awakening in a moment. There should be joy in our hearts everyday we wake up full of excitement and expectations, because as a child we don’t have any fears about our job, no worries about will I have enough funds this pay period to pay the mortgage. We are excited to BE ALIVE! But we’re not…. we are dead men/women walking; no longer do we have the innocence of a child, it has been replaced with the unequally actions of man in the world. Man has maliciously devoured any sense of innocence in every living thing; even the animals living in the forest, wood, or Amazons have fallen mercy to a demonized culture of greed, power and control. No one is safe from this wrath and it seems it’s about to get worse. Yet when I began to look closely at this beautiful photo, I’m remembered of the spiritual living being that once was on this earth. It was like a river running and flowing beautifully along the shores, seas, lakes and the Amazon. I began to meditate of a new earth, and new beginnings of sort that is on the brink of rebirthing this earth. It is like water falls beautiful in the distance yet powerful enough to move any negative object in it’s path into the still waters. Yes God you’ve been so good in everything you have done thus far on this earth, and a few fleshyly men could never undo the greatness that you have done. I am alive and no longer dead to a system of slavery. No man can claim an earth that he came into and did not create, it is merely self destruction that awaits such foolish notions. We give honor to God for the goodness and the greatness of our existence and our “spiritual awakening”. Return again to the child in you that has complete love, joy, peace, assurance, happiness and an open mind and heart to embrace all that the earth has to offer. When we can do this than all negative energy, all ungodly acts of man shall no longer exist. Because love will devour hate in one quick swoop. Won’t you join me in the laughter, the clapping of the hands, the stomping of the feet, the shouting of our tongues and tell God right here and right now. “Lord You’ve Been So Good!


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