Today I was so impressed with learning a few things about my life and where it’s heading. I was born the son of a deacon minister in a baptist church and my faith was shaped around whatever my mother and father taught me. It wasn’t a bad thing neither was it wrong for raising me in a God fearing environment. I thank my mother and father for giving me the one thing that could keep me moving into a deeper spiritual enlightenment. I have witnessed so many levels of spiritual growth as well as been involve and connected to many denominations. I thank God for revelations and the gift of free will, to make choices based on our experience. For many people they feel that their knowledge is of spirituality and spiritual awakening trumps any religion. I beg to differ, not supporting religion but to say that everyone must find that thing inside of them that can bring light to the universe and to one self. I love all religion as well as all revelations of the spirit and science and of the various people or beings who walked this earth long before we did. Yet it is this continued search for self-love and power to subdue this world and began to be as one with the universe. Not one thing has the answer, but it is of many that we can began to chime in and become one. I am In-tuned with loving myself and spreading that love to the universe no matter what or who tries to deny me the opportunity to release the energy that God has placed inside of me. I am in-tuned because I no longer care what people say or feel about me even though I will continue to love my enemies and my adversaries. I am in-tuned because no longer am I a slave to the capitalistic game of the governments and the unseen to keep people of this great universe dependent upon systems and not their own spiritual consciousness to create from within. We are healers, motivators, creators of all things. I am in-tuned because now I can feel free to go to a synagog or a church or a buddhist temple and even a mask and not feel as if I am betraying a God that created it all even though some of it is man driven but God- centered. We are in-tuned because no longer are we bound by any of the mess and the foolishness that the universe continues to throw at us through social media, reality tv, and made up arena games that are fixed before the seasons begin. I am in-tune because I’m drawing the suns power in me to illuminate into an invisible being that can fly through the earth and be in one nation in a matter of seconds. I am in-tune because….. I AM ME.


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