Run Your Race and Soar Like an Eagel

Run Your Race and Soar Like an Eagel

Today was a disappointing day for me, yet through meditation and prayer I was able to turn that negative into a positive. I gave my mind no time to vent because I’m on an assignment. There are so many times in life we will get frustrated and surely discourage about so many obstacles, so many loved ones letting us down and even circumstances beyond our control will have its season to prey upon our lives. But still we must run our race (Hebrews 12:1-2) that is set before us never looking back on yesterdays pain. We must strip down of everything that holds us down and weigh us down. All things from bad relationships, bad attitudes, all types of sins we must remove any negative thing in our lives to began this walk of faith. It is Christ who we set our eyes upon and nothing else. No distractions no social media, no reality tv, no night clubs, no perverted music, no sexually explicit anything! This race will be long and we will have to endure for a while, yet like all things it has it’s appointed time. We will walk with no shame, no guilt of any no matter how the world, friends, family make mock us and laugh at us, still we press toward the mark. We will use the lessons of Christ who was chastise, criticized, placed a thorn on his head and still He finished the race. As the author and the finisher it is declared that we have the victory, now all we have to do is take the first step into eternity that’s placed in the heavens of the earth. It is ours for the taken my beloveds….So run your race with strength, might and courage because sure as the sun sets and rises you already have the victory……


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