A Healthier You Equals Your Spiritual DNA


A Healthier You Equals Your Spiritual DNA

Too many people around the universe are so busy with their lives that they take more care in their clothes,cars and castles (houses) than their very own bodies. God gave us these temples to build into a complete and perfect spiritual being and yet we put anything that is convient,quick and sweet into these machines only to suffer later on with multiple illnesses and disease. We were never made to have diabetes,high blood pressure, or even cancer but what we eat and drink leads to sickness and death. Becoming a healthier you means becoming aware of what you eat and where you purchase these foods..Although raw and organic foods is the way to go, it also should include cutting back on you sugars, fats, salt, and those GMO products that taste so good. If you want your children to grow up to me more like god intended, then trained them now to eat the seeded fruits and the seeded plants. Look at it this way, a car has a better chance of living up to it’s life expectancy than humans do and that my people is a disgrace and a shame!



The Lowest Prices Equals The Most Dangerous and Unhealthiest Product Passed Down To You…..”The Unaware and Just Don’t Care Consumer”


You ever wonderful how this super giant is able to get their product for such low prices? Not only that their produce; would you put shampoo in your gas tank for fuel? Then why would you put any produce foods for nutrition in your body because it’s so cheap? We will discussing such questions in our broadcast this week on The HolySpiritz Blog Talk Radio Sow.


The 50th Anniversary Commensurate of The March On Washington


The 50th Anniversary Commensurate of The March On Washington

Today we honor those who were bruised, beaten and put to death for the right to sit on a bus or eat at a kitchen counter along with white Americans. Not only did these “freedom riders” sacrificed their education and degrees, but their lives. It should also be noted that nearly 35% of the freedom riders were white people not only from America but from all across God’s planet. This march was never a “black thing” yet it was a ( People of God) thing, so we honor all the folks who gave everything to fight the injustice and racial prejudice that is still today destroying America….. Press toward the Mark@

Living Life In The Plus


Living Life In The Plus

Great show today talking about living to be 200-300 yrs of age as we did back “In the Beginning”. That happened back then with eating less meats and more seeded plants and whole foods. It not just nourished us but it also healed us from any diseases. I hope you will enjoy my experience and our journey….


Finishing Cycles

Now this is strength!


ImagemSometimes we have to start over. Stop everything. Break up everything. Start again. Rebuild our life, specially when we are unsatisfied with something.

Dissatisfaction is something that weakens, because we need to break free ourselves of it. If we insist on staying longer than the necessary time, we may lose the happiness and the meaning of the other stages we have to live.

We need to turn the page and give an end to things that are bad for us. We need to let go all things that don’t add anything in our life.

Life is composed by cycles, they all have a beginning and an end. They end when no longer fit into our life.

It hurts, but it’s necessary to finish a stage to begin another.

To be better than we used to be.

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Unity In the Community


Unity In the Community

A friend asked a question today about what will you do when this world is destroyed, how will you begin to rebuild it with your gifts/talents? Many people are blinded by the fact that they believe that nothing will happen in the U.S. in particular. Well we’ve seen major floods throughout the midwest that have homes, bridges and towns underwater. Then those constant fires in California that never end; hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and hundreds of homes burned to the ground. We’ve also seen tornadoes devastating parts of the south killing dozens of people and leaving towns destroyed. Then finally we have the government with it’s constant closing of schools and hospitals in urban areas to name just a few making the people of these communities dependent on a hand out. Well we say hell no! No longer will we sit and wait on some false hope in a demonic democracy. We will teach our children to eat right, live right, pray right and create a brighter community with their God given talents. Each person can creates a community and it happens with love, and togetherness. When we began to serve and love one another than we can create a world of unity with love,peace,joy,happiness with God and in God….