“Sun Gazing”(keep your head to the sky)

I’ve just learned about this old and ancient ritual that was perfected by the Egyptians thousands of years ago. What I love about it is that my friend is already a sun gazer and it has transformed her to incredible dimensions. The sun is the source of Power that God gave us for our survival on this earth. If we have no sun, then we have no earth, no plants, no flowers no trees, no fruits and or vegetables for our survival, the sun is “The Bomb”! Each day I wake up just before the sun rises and I give thanks to the Creator for the sun. It is this awakening moment that I find my place and I began to gaze at the sun. Now I am a beginner so I gaze for only minutes but it is truly a spiritual revolution that I am inviting every person who reads this blog to begin to tap into the depths of your souls. The sun breathes life into our bodies, it limits the amount of food that we need because the sun is the source for growth it brings forth life to everything on the planet. When we gaze at the sun we’re creating energy in and through our bodies that whatever we desire will return to us by our spiritual powers created by the sun. If you speak it into existence it will return to you instantly! Many people, families and critics instructs us not to stare at the sun because it can blind you. But when done accordingly and properly the sun will strengthen you in every way. In some it has cured many from chronic illness as well as cancer….these are facts so I urge you to research sun gazing at your leisure. I feel so revived by my new discovery and I’m so excited to share it with you. Where ever you are in this universe no matter how your feeling or what life may take you through, always remember to keep your head to the sky and surely the clouds will tell you why..


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