The Holy Spiritz Blog Talk Radio Show…. (not about popularity or brand) but “Unity In The Community”

Just a few days ago a young lady told me that she heard my show and that according to her, “it was boring”. I thanked her for listening anyway and yet I asked her what made it so boring? She simply said “it was about love and peace and people don’t want to hear all of that” Well I had to consider her mindset at first;(worldly) although she is 24 it’s not the reason why she felt that way. Many people even in their 40’s-50’s are not in-tuned to who they are and why they are here. Still I couldn’t sleep so I had to get up and truly explain the content of the show and why it is called “The Holy Spiritz Blog Talk Radio Show”. So many people have issues with the title of this show, many people believe that it is a Christian channel yet it is not, some people think it is a religious channel and it is not. This show was first given to me by God back in 2008, (through the Holy Spirit) yet I was reluctant to do the show simply because of the name God gave me to use. I thought it was too sacrilegious and didn’t want anything to do with it or the show. I even told my ex-girlfriend that God told me to tell her to do the show…..(Soon that lie would come back to hunt me). So I buried the show for the next 2 years and went on with my life as being in a stable relationship, good job and another job as the minister of audio at my church; so life was good. Yet soon after everything that I loved and cherished no longer loved me and I quit my job at the church and soon I lost my good paying job at the airport……. Then the finally was my girlfriend, my soulmate (I thought at the time) drew more and more distant from me till we eventually broke up. So here I am out of a job, out of a terrific relationship, out of my church and I forgot to tell you, out on the streets! No job, no income equals no place to stay…… I moved in with my brother and that’s when God returned to me again…. You see God had to remove all the things I first put before Him in order for me to hear a “Word” for God again……I am so honored and so grateful that our God is a God of second chances because no one,not no one gave me a second chance to redeem myself and my sinful ways. So God instructs me again about doing an internet television show and now the radio show in which God has already said it will come to it’s fruition in “due Season”….. due season. I’m not concerned about “branding” this show because it is order my beloveds, not for entertainment. When you use the word “entertain” it means distraction and this show is about enlightenment, encouragement, spiritual awakening and yes “Christ Consciousness”. I thank all of you who listen to The Holy Spiritz Blog Talk Radio Show and truly understand what God is doing for His people in these troubling times. Many people are busy filling their spirits with reality shows, sexual music, pornography,seductive behavior, lies, trickery, deception, and all the things that they learned from their earthly masters…They are dumb down and blind and they have found comfort in this world… But we as the people of God we stand in the gap and intercede for our sisters and brothers night and day…. So next time you may see a post and a link concerning this blog talk radio show, no this…. It is only by the will of God that we do what we do and continue to “press toward the Mark”! Thank you and may God Bless You and Keep you in infinite Bliss,,,,,,,Peace


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