Africa Is Booming! (this is Africa…….)

Africa Is Booming! (this is Africa.......)

I love hearing and seeing transformation of people and their world growing stronger and more powerful, returning to how God first created it. Africa is the birthplace of the first man to ever walk planet earth and yet we ignore all of its beauty and richness. Many other nations have recognized the African boom and are now investing one third of their countries resources into the African continent. If you don’t know anything about this continent I hope this show will enlighten you to the greatness of Africa and how it is moving into another dimension. With that being said many will try to exploit Africa even more than they have in the past and that may mean creating civil wars to steal the countries wealth. Man has never wanted a fair playing field and believes that controlling others is at his best interest. So we pray and meditate for Africa, for peace within the countries to regain total control of their own continent and invite outsiders such as Asia,Brazil,China, Russia, the Middle East and America to invest in their countries with integrity, good values and fair game without brutality,trickery,murder, asassinations, or any other under mind attempt to minipulate a country in self destruction…


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