“Everything Flows Through- Africa”…..

Wow I’m so excited about tomorrow’s broadcast on “The Holy Spiritz” Blog Talk Radio Show because we’re talking about Africa and it’s flourishing economy. As we all know Africa has had it’s shares of wars and civil wars that left millions of people dead and for what? Yet that was then and this is now and Africa now is a booming continent with rich soil, plenty of minerals and an endless supply of gold,ore,iron and oil to name a few. what’s really exciting is that we in America have been experiencing droughts when it comes to our produce and it seems to be getting worse. Have no fear because Africa has so much land developed and undeveloped that is rich in good organic soil in which they will soon be the source of nearly half the worlds fruits, grains, nuts, and berries. So we meditate for Africa and we pray for peace among their government and the people coming in to help build this new frontier and that whatever they do they include God as their source and their resource.



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