Unity In the Community

Unity In the Community

A friend asked a question today about what will you do when this world is destroyed, how will you begin to rebuild it with your gifts/talents? Many people are blinded by the fact that they believe that nothing will happen in the U.S. in particular. Well we’ve seen major floods throughout the midwest that have homes, bridges and towns underwater. Then those constant fires in California that never end; hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and hundreds of homes burned to the ground. We’ve also seen tornadoes devastating parts of the south killing dozens of people and leaving towns destroyed. Then finally we have the government with it’s constant closing of schools and hospitals in urban areas to name just a few making the people of these communities dependent on a hand out. Well we say hell no! No longer will we sit and wait on some false hope in a demonic democracy. We will teach our children to eat right, live right, pray right and create a brighter community with their God given talents. Each person can creates a community and it happens with love, and togetherness. When we began to serve and love one another than we can create a world of unity with love,peace,joy,happiness with God and in God….



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