A Healthier You Equals Your Spiritual DNA

A Healthier You Equals Your Spiritual DNA

Too many people around the universe are so busy with their lives that they take more care in their clothes,cars and castles (houses) than their very own bodies. God gave us these temples to build into a complete and perfect spiritual being and yet we put anything that is convient,quick and sweet into these machines only to suffer later on with multiple illnesses and disease. We were never made to have diabetes,high blood pressure, or even cancer but what we eat and drink leads to sickness and death. Becoming a healthier you means becoming aware of what you eat and where you purchase these foods..Although raw and organic foods is the way to go, it also should include cutting back on you sugars, fats, salt, and those GMO products that taste so good. If you want your children to grow up to me more like god intended, then trained them now to eat the seeded fruits and the seeded plants. Look at it this way, a car has a better chance of living up to it’s life expectancy than humans do and that my people is a disgrace and a shame!



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