“Listen To The Lyrics”- (Tupac) on rappers who will come after Him



This was a terrific show leading up to the BET’s “Hippity Hop Awards”; giving awards to men who are really over the age of 30 acting like they’re 20 on degrading a generation of men and women that Malcom, Martin and Medger died for…. to be Real Men and Real Fathers in those communities… Check out this episode and hear what a real artist, rapper, revolutionary said nearly 18 years ago about these bubble gum rappers of today who fear the CIA,FBI,IRS from taking the “chainz” off of their necks! Oneness,Power,No Fear, with unity……





Great woman of God and a spiritually conscious dear friend and sister of mine. We thank her again for “training” our minds creating transformation to what and how we feel about ourselves,our people on this earth and our universe…Oneness is so awesome.


Food For the Soul (feeding the spirit)


Food For the Soul (feeding the spirit)

Wow! Thank you all for tuning in to this episode. We had over 86 views in the past hour and I am so grateful and so humble for the folks, friends and faith builders on social media for paying it forward. Each week we dedicate a show dealing with spiritual transformation and healthy eating and we will continue to speak on becoming oneness with the universe….Peace


Food For The Soul…(feeding the spirit)


Food For The Soul...(feeding the spirit)

Wonderful show tomorrow in honor of our old and dearest friend sister Shelley Chapman. She taught us that weight gain and poor eating habits attributes to low self esteem, diabetes,high blood pressure, inflammation and cancer like cells in our bodies. Yet it doesn’t end with the stomach (that heffa inside of you) yet it ends with the mind being transform back into it’s original existence with great wisdom, power and spiritual knowings…… “if we begin to change how we feel about ourselves and foods, then we can begin to grow into a more spiritual god-like individual uniting with the earth and the universe”.



Guns In The Ghetto’s Of Chicago Part. 2


Guns In The Ghetto's Of Chicago Part. 2

A part 2 series from the broadcast we did back in June on the continued killings and genocide on the streets of Chicago. Although statistics says that crime in Chicago has declined, yet the style of killing innocent babies,children,teens and the elderly for no apparent reasons has climbed. More and more of these murders are random shooting in crowds or just in public places and in broad day light. Still very few arrest and we have yet to hear from the White House or The President on what they or he will do so stop the senseless killings in his hometown…..


Is Victoria Secret In Bed w/ The Feds?


Is Victoria Secret In Bed w/ The Feds?

On tomorrow’s Holy Spiritz blog talk radio show we will be discussing how the feds are now moving the remaining manufacturing jobs out of each city and using federal prisoners to now make weapons for the military,food that are on every American table and even victoria’s secret has jump in on the 25 cents a day of slave labor that the prisoners earn. We hope you tune in and witness how this government still is trying to find any means necessary to bring down the middle class and the poor who are living check to check to simply hold their families in tact……


“You’ve Lost That Loving Feelin”


2 Timothy 3:1-9 talks about what’s going on right now on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook to name a few sites. People are constantly every minute posting photo’s of themselves looking sexy and blowing kisses and shout outs as if they are a star! Setting themselves up (the women) to soon to be found by some one and stalked or even raped because of those half naked photo’s they love to take. Men are no better because again they’re doing the same thing as the women…. 2 Timothy clearly talks about people becoming “lovers of themselves” and becoming less and less concerned about their own brother or sisters. Yeah they have many people who fb them all the time yet when a storm hits one of them, then the fb replies no longer come through…… They are prideful, boastful about everything and uses that demeanor to claim their spirituality? Theirs nothing ever good about being in love with yourself while other people you know are hungry,homeless, jobless, and going through a drug addiction, alcohol or dysfunction with a mental disease of some kind. But you! you’re too busy showing the world your ass, your boobs, your thighs, your new outfit all week and yet you laugh at Christianity? Though I don’t consider myself a christian but I do consider myself apart of the puzzle and the equation when it comes to the universe becoming one again. I know this letter won’t stop women and men from being real whorish and slutty but it will be a sign of the times ahead…. YOU’VE BEEN WARN