“You’ve Lost That Loving Feelin”

2 Timothy 3:1-9 talks about what’s going on right now on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook to name a few sites. People are constantly every minute posting photo’s of themselves looking sexy and blowing kisses and shout outs as if they are a star! Setting themselves up (the women) to soon to be found by some one and stalked or even raped because of those half naked photo’s they love to take. Men are no better because again they’re doing the same thing as the women…. 2 Timothy clearly talks about people becoming “lovers of themselves” and becoming less and less concerned about their own brother or sisters. Yeah they have many people who fb them all the time yet when a storm hits one of them, then the fb replies no longer come through…… They are prideful, boastful about everything and uses that demeanor to claim their spirituality? Theirs nothing ever good about being in love with yourself while other people you know are hungry,homeless, jobless, and going through a drug addiction, alcohol or dysfunction with a mental disease of some kind. But you! you’re too busy showing the world your ass, your boobs, your thighs, your new outfit all week and yet you laugh at Christianity? Though I don’t consider myself a christian but I do consider myself apart of the puzzle and the equation when it comes to the universe becoming one again. I know this letter won’t stop women and men from being real whorish and slutty but it will be a sign of the times ahead…. YOU’VE BEEN WARN



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