Just Because He Doesn’t Beat You, Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Abuse…..(think ladies)


Just Because He Doesn't Beat You, Doesn't Mean It's Not Abuse.....(think ladies)


Great show today we learned that nearly 6 billion dollars per year is lost to domestic violence and yet there are no stories, shows nor billboard promoting a woman’s right to live… Glory be to God because we have added awareness to this epidemic, and we hope you tune in and be inspired,enlightened and empowered…..





If we don’t support them rappers, artist, athletes,entreprenuers, and other wealthy minorities around the country, then shame on US!


” Do You Know The Tip Drill”? (knowing how to tip your servers after a meal)



This show was so on point till so many people emailed me and wrote me via FB thanking me for this long time subject to be discussed. Servers are only paid 2.13 an hour and after that insult they pay a percentage of every meal consumed by their customer as well as a 3.5% tip-out (in some cases) which means that the government receives their cut off the top from state and federal taxes than the bussers and bar receive theirs, leaving the servers with about half or 60% of the tip that a guest may leave. It is not our wish to make people pay extra, but to at least acknowledge each persons profession and allow them to be able to earn a decent amount of tips in order to provide for their families, their love ones and themselves…..

How Harmful Are These Popular Drinks……


How Harmful Are These Popular Drinks......

Today at 3:30 pm eastern time, we are going to educate ourselves a little just on how good or harmful these drinks can be to our bodies and our immune system when consuming on a regular basis. Millions of people around the globe enjoy these refreshments each and every minute of the day and we will share our findings or “what’s the skinny” on the diet drink craze, hope you tune in….


What Can You Do To Create A Better Universe?


What Can You Do To Create A Better Universe?

Amazing that the question this 35th President of The United States once asked is still true today… We may not have all the power and might to play the political games that they love to play, yet we have the spirit to move this nation beyond party lines especially Tea Party. People with personal agendas has no place in a world that was created for All….All mankind; anything else is subhumans and that’s the real 45%.. Make the change and began to create a new world by uniting and ending this pointing of fingers that the 5% of the wealthy needs us to be and that is in division. If we use the greatest gift God has ever gave us against the principalities in high places then “WE Win….We Win”!