Why Are You Here? (living for today)

Why Are You Here? (living for today)

When I think about my existence while here on this planet, I first have to give thanks to the Father for allowing me this opportunity to be able to create a universe that He has predestined for me (Jeremiah 1:5). God is so awesome that He takes care of ALL of our wants or needs each and everyday, pouring our fresh mana like He did in the days of Moses. Nothing should be questioned while we are in the presence of Royalty. Never wondering how we will eat, pay bills, what shall we wear or live because He is Jehovah Jira!(Mathew 6:31-34) We must continue to press toward the mark which has been placed before us with due diligence and with expectancy. Seeking the knowledge, the power, and the righteousness of God first and foremost assures us the victory even when things may look like there’s no way out. God knows our needs and He’s already in the background working them out. Stay the course today and forever by keeping your eyes on the sparrow and never wavering about anything or any circumstances for God said He will never leave you nor forsake you…

This is testimony and my story, be forever blest forgetting the past and have a wonderful wednesday. #LivingInTheNow


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