Free Housing For Homeless

We should all learn to give and serve in the body of Christ without being so judge mental about how someone got where they are. God didn’t judge you on your mess did He, and still your living mighty well despite living in hell. #JustMyThoughts

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Utah is having success by giving the homeless free housing. They figure the cost of housing at about $11,000, and is cheaper versus the estimated jail and ER expense of $16,000 annually. Other states have cities that have tried to make it illegal to be homeless in their territory. Others have made it illegal to feed the homeless in parks.

Utah has reduced homelessness 78 percent by taking action suggested by the 2009 report by The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty and The National Coalition for the Homeless called Homes Not Handcuffs, which argues that permanent housing for the homeless is cheaper than criminalization. Do you agree? Nation of Change has more info.

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