We Are One

It seems that the world is full of opinions lately.  Everybody being misguided by a paid for media group who only gives half of any stories.  With famines, wars, genocide to name a few, we have become a people of envy, jealousy, rage, resentment full of hatred for our fellow bretheren.  In all the chaos and madness of it all what is truly missing is the majestic and wonders of a Divine Power that created nothing out of nothing, spoke a word and it became into existence.  Now no man or human or earth can’t move one thing without the physical making of money.  Man is simply an illusion of himself who’s forgotten that he could never own one inch of this planet because he didn’t make it, nor can he rule it by ficticious laws benefitting him and his demonic purpose.  He/man is bound to each other in order to create a world of eternal bliss.  Without his brother, he will surely die inwardly!  You are oneness made in the image of God that manifested into a cultural fascination!  Nothing that could plan genocide on his own people could live for eternity.  Whatever direction man choses he will surely endure his fate by a power far greater than his money could ever take him!



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